In Your Right Mind with Monique Rhodes

A daily podcast on how to work with your mind to transform your life. This show will help you overcome stress, anxiety and depression and empower you to live the happy life that you deserve. Monique Rhodes, an internationally renowned happiness specialist and meditation expert. Her online meditation course The 10 Minute Mind, is used in over 50 colleges and universities worldwide as well as by thousands of online subscribers. Monique teaches in bite sized daily lessons how to reach your potential and become happier. Tune in now!
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Jul 31, 2020
We tend to go through life racing from one thing to the next. Often we are up against something we don't want to do. In today's episode, I discuss how a reward system can completely change how you approach tasks, especially the ones that you dread. 


Jul 30, 2020

Today I want to tell you a story about my friend Ronny. 

Jul 29, 2020

We all get frustrated by other people. In this podcast I discuss why looking at this is a key to becoming a more loving person. 

Jul 28, 2020

I often am asked what the relationship is between meditation and prayer. Sometimes people are concerned that the two aren't compatible. In today’s podcast, I give my thoughts.

Jul 27, 2020

As we work towards creating a more powerful and loving version of ourselves, there is one question that can be our guide. In today’s podcast, I discuss what it is and how to apply it. 

Jul 26, 2020

I received an email last night from one of my students whose girlfriend left him in the last few days. Here is my advice to him. 

Jul 25, 2020

It can be easy for us to think that meditation is serious. In today’s podcast, I talk about how to bring the joy into your morning practice. 

Jul 24, 2020

The Internet is designed to keep us hooked. So often we lose hours just because we can’t stop scrolling. But I’ve got a plan for how to manage a healthy relationship with it. Join me today to find out.

How To Create A Life You Love

Jul 23, 2020

You may not realise but there are two different types of joy and they are not equal in creating happiness that lasts. In today’s podcast I explain the difference between the two to help you focus on the one that will lead to long term happiness.


Jul 22, 2020
It can be easy for us to give the power of our own lives over to other people. We love nothing more than to blame others when things don’t go the way we want them to. However, the great news is that you are in charge of your own life. There’s no doubt it is time to take control of it. 
Jul 21, 2020

Last night I spoke to a friend of mine who was struggling. It reminded me that over and over again, we need to come back to the basics of self-care to help keep ourselves well. In today’s podcast, I discuss what they are. I think you’ll find this helpful to make sure you are doing them all. 

Jul 20, 2020

Today I am going to tell you a story about a couple in New Zealand who got locked in their car for 13 hours and almost died. When you hear this story, you’ll find it hard to believe. However, we all have more in common with this couple than we realise. 


How To Create A Life You Love

Jul 19, 2020

Until we learn to say no to what is not right for us, it is hard for us to say yes to what is right for us. Learning how to say no is a powerful skill in creating a life you love. 

How To Create A Life You Love

Jul 18, 2020
Sometimes we want more from life and just can’t figure out how to get it. But there is a way. It’s more of a science or an art-form really. Anyone can master it. Today I discuss how. 

How To Create A Life You Love

Jul 17, 2020

If you ever feel sleepy during your meditation this podcast is for you. In response to a question from a student on how to manage getting sleepy during their practice, today, I discuss the method of open-eye meditation. I think many of you will enjoy trying this out, so have a listen.

Jul 16, 2020

You may be surprised by one of the most potent shifts that happens when you learn meditation. In today’s podcast, I discuss how to connect in with your own innate wisdom. 

Jul 15, 2020
Today I discuss a question from one of my students who told me about the difficulties she is having with her husband. If you ever have frustrations with people you may find this podcast very helpful. 


Jul 14, 2020

One of my students has asked me how to cope with the regret she feels about making the wrong decision. In this podcast, I explain how to live a life free of regrets. 

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Jul 13, 2020

Many people believe that meditation is about having no thoughts. But that is not the case. In this podcast, I discuss how to work with your thoughts, so you don't take them so seriously. 

Jul 12, 2020

Intellect is highly valued as a measure of who will be successful. However, cleverness is often an obstacle in transforming our lives. 

Jul 11, 2020

What does it mean to be a Spiritual Warrior, and how can we become one? Facing difficulties and obstacles differently is the key. In today’s podcast, I discuss becoming one. 

Jul 10, 2020

I am about to teach my Superpower in the coming weeks. But we all have one. In today’s episode, I discuss how to discover what it is. 

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Jul 9, 2020

Today I am answering a question from one of my students who ruminates when things don't go the way she hopes they will. I am sure many of you have this same response to difficulties, so I think you might find this podcast interesting. 

Jul 8, 2020

It's easy to believe that we are different from other people. We live in a culture in the West, where being unique and special are celebrated. However, this notion of separation on a fundamental level creates an environment where we can feel isolated and alone in our struggles. Today I discuss the importance of looking into at this idea of separation differently. 

Jul 7, 2020
We may not even be aware that we already have rituals in our day. However, once we start to become conscious of them, rituals can be a powerful way to not only keep us grounded but to also help us in achieving our goals.


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